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St Davids Community Trust

Orchard            Project

You can download a copy of the complete project proposals in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format from here.

It’s easy to get involved, just contact Melanie on:- 01437 721848

or e-mail for information.

You can also download an Orchard Enrolement form form here.


Community Orchard. St. Davids

Proposal :-

To make use of land that is currently not being utilised in St. Davids, for the purpose of planting an orchard. The orchard will contain a wide variety of fruit bearing trees and bushes with the aim of providing a succession of organically grown fruits for much of the year. These fruits can then be made available to local people to pick from as needed.

Objectives :-

1) To establish a perpetual living food bank for current and future residents of the area.

2) To produce a variety of organically grown fresh fruits that can be made available to local people at no charge.

3) To ensure that all local families, regardless of income, have access to good, healthy local produce that is uncontaminated by chemical pesticides and fertilisers.

4) To reduce our dependence upon imported goods, processed foods and large national supermarket chains.

5) To form close working links with other local producers like Caerhys Organic Farm, Caerfai Dairy Farm, Really Wild and others, in order to promote and increase the range of locally produced food and other goods.

Lottery grant for St. Davids Community Orchard

After many months of work last year to secure a Heritage Lottery Fund grant, the St. Davids Community Orchard has received the news that the grant has been awarded, and we can expect to benefit from the funding, around March or April of this year.

During the application process the orchard worked closely with the Welsh Perry and Cider Society and Treginnis Farm for City Children, who kindly offered  part of their land to the orchard project. Many thanks must go to Dan Jones at Treginnis, for his enthusiasm for the project, and for the amount of time and effort he put in to ensuring that the conditions laid down by the Lottery fund were met in full. The trees to be planted at Treginnis, will be a combination of Welsh Heritage eating varieties, which will be planted in the  shelter of the walled garden, and traditional cider and perry varieties, which will be planted in a field adjacent to the main building, where they will be protected from the worst of the weather by a shelter belt of willow.

The grant provides funding for education and training in the maintenance of orchards, which orchard members can attend free of charge, and also for social events, such as apple identification days, fruit pressing/ cider making and Wassailing.

 If you would like to become a member of the St Davids Community Orchard, or are interested in learning how to make your own cider; forms are available to download from or by contacting Melanie on 01437 721848 or by email at