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St Davids Hub Web Sites Local Interest

The Local Energy Action Force is part of a wider project across five communities across Pembrokeshire – all looking to establish a road map towards having our own, sustainable community-owned energy supplies.  Funding is in place until  Summer 2020, and part of the project is to work out how best to keep making progress after that.   

Eco Dewi is St David’s own response to the LEAF initiative   

Eco Dewi have successfully made contact with the Company that has purchased the Tidal Energy Limited assets in Ramsay Sound – all the project assets except the devices themselves.  The CEO was kind enough to meet with St. David's Local Energy officer, Geraint Michael recently, outlining their intentions for the site.  We’re looking forward to working closely together to make sure that we as a community can make the most of the benefits of the development.   The funding agreements for the intended project are being finalised.  

Cambrian Offshore Ltd

New owners of Ramsey sound Tidal Energy assets

Capacity Building Day

Click here to access Eco Building Day information which was held on Monday 7th October 2019